Healer Tier list 3/3/16

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Healer Tier list 3/3/16

Post by Cyrux on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:06 am

Support Healers:
Toge, Blossom, Froslass, Bliss

Pure Healers:
Garde, Milo, Sylph, Leaf, Altusaria, Bliss

Tier 3:
Blossom, All 3-4 stars

Tier 2:
Toge, Leaf, Bliss, Frosslass

Tier 1:
Altusaria, Garde, Milo, Sylph.

In my opinion, the best healer would likely be Sylph, Milo, or Garde.

Garde, has a very high range, and it's special attack can be used in a pinch.

I'm not sure if Sylph or Milo have the same abilities, but it they do, then I would argue, Garde's high atk stat, and the choice of evolving Kirlia, into an attacker. Thus giving Ralit's more value. However, Eevee also has the opportunity to evolve into many roles, not just 2. Replacing Garde with Milo would most likely lead to more damage, as would switching with Sylph. But you wouldn't has as many heals, without Garde.

Tier 0
Sachi, A Meloetta, Suikun

Suicune would be a great choice for pure healing abilities.

But compared to the other's it's atk stat is a little low.


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